Our Story

About Shlomo & Vito

Shlomo and Vito grew up in Brooklyn, NY during the 1950′s. They lived across the street from one another. Shlomo and Vito were the best of friends. They shared a love for the Brooklyn Dodgers, and their mama’s home cooking.

Lois and Ed

Shlomo and Vito came from different religious backgrounds, but they were brothers in each other eyes. Their family’s joke was that Shlomo’s mama invented guilt and Vito’s mama perfected it. A love of food enveloped both families. There was no illness, heartbreak, happy occasion or holiday that could not be made a little better with a home cooked meal from mama.

Shlomo and Vito eventually combined their friendship and love of good food and created their delicatessen. An opportunity for all to enjoy a great home cooked meal and bring a smile to their faces. Shlomo and Vito’s is more than just a deli, it’s a way of life.